Biosnapp - Biosite Builder

The First Bio-Site Made for Consultants, Coach, and Freelancers.

A Bio Site is a beautiful one-page, the mobile-first website you can create in minutes that easily links to everything you offer in one place.

In addition to the traditional Bio-site Builders, We are adding to your platform multiple Lead Generators interfaces Like Blogs, Appointment systems, Funding Generators, and Service portfolios to make you get new clients every day and an easy-to-use CRM to manage all your leads information.

That makes us the first Bio Site Builder, fully oriented to new Entrepreneurs and Businesses.


Integrated CRM System

Have all of your contacts in one place. Write notes, save documents, and update lead status in just a few clicks.

Add links to content and social accounts

Link out to all of your content from social media accounts to videos to your eCommerce and website

Publish and share your site

Get an auto-generated URL and QR code for free plus your own CRM system

Find leads, close deals, and streamline your entire sales process

Build eye-catching bio sites that quickly make prospects into customers. Once a user sends you a message thru your bio-site’s contact form, that information is added automatically to your integrated CRM. 

Close more deals with an organized, repeatable sales process and grow your way with customization, note management, document handling, and more.

Welcome to #Biosnapp

Integrated suite for lead generation and Client management

Customize your space including contact information, links to networks and other sites, map with geolocation, contact forms and photos and links that describe your project

Biosnapp makes it easy to customize your online space and manage your content.

Why Biosnapp

The Best All-in-one Tool

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Custom Bio Site

Create your Bio and Professional site in a couple of minutes for FREE. Give quick access to your clients to everything that defines you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines

Atract more Clients to your project

Integrate your Blog, funding campaigns, Store, Events Calendar, and Appointment system into your Bio Site.

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Client Manager - CRM

Manage your clients with our powerful and FREE CRM

The idea leader pulls partners along with him. Lead the team.

Easy to Share

You can have all your business in a direct link, easily share and add in your business using the QR tool generator.

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