SEO cannibalization in 60 secs

SEO cannibalization in 60 secs

SEO cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on the same website compete for the same keywords, which can dilute their effectiveness in search engine rankings. This typically happens when pages target similar keywords, confusing search engines about which page to prioritize, leading to lower rankings for both.

To address SEO cannibalization, conduct a keyword audit using tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to identify overlapping content. Consider merging pages that compete for the same keywords into a single, comprehensive page to consolidate SEO strength and enhance page authority.

Ensure each page targets a unique set of keywords by adjusting content and meta tags. Use canonical tags to signal to search engines which page is the primary one for a particular keyword. Strengthen your internal linking structure to emphasize the most authoritative pages and regularly monitor your site’s performance to adjust strategies as needed.

By taking these steps, you can prevent SEO cannibalization and improve your site’s overall search engine performance.

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